Founded in 2017 by the publisher and licensing agent Zuzana Miyahara Kratka, Tagline benefits from the unique combination of expertise in storytelling and business outreach.


“As a publisher I have often fought to get the best stories to the hands of readers around the globe by establishing long-term licensing partnerships worldwide and by developing new business models in a changing industry. For many years I used to bring business into the storytelling industry. Now it’s time to turn the page and bring storytelling into business."  

- Zuzana Miyahara Kratka, Founder, Tagline.


Our approach

Our business consultancy benefits from years of experience in storytelling and developing international markets in an industry deeply influenced by local cultures. This gives us a unique position in developing a growth strategy across a variety of sectors and geographical areas. We also benefit from an exceptional access to illustrators and graphic artists, some of whom have been published in leading publications and won prestigious illustration prizes for their work. Thus we can offer outstanding designs for delivering our clients’ messages across multiple media formats.